Tuesday, January 29, 2008

16 Months Old

The scoop on Landree month 16: She’s still talking all the time! I love it because now she will repeat almost anything I say. I may be the only one to know what she’s saying, but she’s repeating lots of new words. The only time I really think this could be dangerous is when we are around Popee for a while. To add to the list of things she says are: water, bubble, bird, she will make this mmmm sound for milk until I had her her cup, she says bye bye and points to the remote control when she wants to watch her favorite show The Backyardigans. They all say bye and see you later at the end of the show. She even says bye bye when they sing the opening song. She can tell you where her belly button is (and she’ll look for yours too), she knows her hands, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, and feet. She loves music and dancing. She loves dancing/singing toys. She has this snowman that Grandma gave us for Christmas. It lights up, sings and dances. We keep it in our car and listen to the music any time we are driving. We just joined My Gym (a kid’s gym) with 3 of our friends and she loves it. Every week they have a new swing they bring out, so far we’ve seen a tire swing and a seesaw swing. They practice a new skill like a front head roll, and do gymnastic type things like swinging from rings, walking on the balance beam, and flipping on the high bar. She loves the activity and all the kids in the class. They sing and dance too. We go to story time at the library every week. Landree loves books and enjoys seeing 3 of our friends that go too. We call it organized chaos. Unlike the gym where they are supposed to climb on the equipment you’re not really supposed to do that at the library. Landree will sit in my lap most of the time and listen. They sing songs and do hand motions and she really enjoys it! She loves books! We’re still working on one nap. Some days she will sleep 3 ½ hours and others 1 hour 20 minutes tops. I think she just still getting used to it. We’re making progress. Two days in a row last week she slept 3 hours and 20 minutes. Landree still loves bath time. We take a bath almost every night and she just plays and splashes! She loves to play outside and get dirty with the best of them-don’t let all those pretty clothes fool you! I think we might have a tomboy on our hands. She loves mashed potatoes, green beans, and chicken and will eat almost anything Cooper eats (as long as he’s eating it too). She is such a good girl! She loves people! I love watching her grow! I love you Landree Grace! Happy 16 Months! Love, Momma

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