Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's offical! DFW 3 Day here we come!

Ok, it's offical. I signed up tonight for the 2008 DFW 3 Day. This year Maggie (my sister in law), one of her friends, and my best (breast) friends Shauna and Megan will be walking with me! I am so excited! This event changes so many peoples lives (including the walkers). You can't be involved in something this big and leave the same. Last year the DFW area raised over 6.5 million dollars! I am so excited to do it this year with friends. It will definitely be a challange, but it's one I'm ready for! I will be walking in memory of my grandmother, Fran Roberts. She beat breast cancer once and lost her 10 year battle in Jan. 2003. I am walking so Landree can grow up in a world were little girls don't lose their moms, grandmothers, or sisters to this awful disease.

This is a picture of me and my Memom at Christmas 2002.

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