Monday, March 3, 2008

Home again, home again!

We're home. We had a great time in Texas! I don't have pictures yet-I didn't take my camera because I was carrying Landree, the laptop, her diaper backpack, my coat, the stroller, and her car seat. I used my mom's-it was much easier.

When we got to the airport on Tuesday I was dragging all of our things in from the car. Our friend Leslie drove us in my car. She sat with Landree right outside (mind you that the our airport isn't even as big as one terminal in Dallas. The curb and the ticket counter is less than 25 yards apart. The TSA guy was staring me down...I stared back! He said I couldn't leave my bags-I told him that I just had one more to get and then I would have them all would be able to stay with them...come on as hard as he was looking at me I think he would have noticed someone sticking something in my bag or he could have offered to help-he said this after I had already brought in 2 huge suitcases, the laptop bag, a diaper bag and my coat.

We did have a great flight though. Landree is a great traveler! We watched The Backyardigans that I downloaded from I-tunes. I had it turned up all the way and we still couldn't hear it-the plane was just too loud. I tried to get her to wear the headphones, but she wouldn't. She just laughed and talked to the screen. I know she loves the music in the show, but she was just so excited to see them she just danced along with them on the screen even though she couldn't hear it.

On Wednesday and Thursday we just hung out at the house with Mia and Popee. Landree slept until about 9 our time everyday and on Wednesday she took a 3 hour nap. Grandparents can wear you out. Wednesday night I put Landree on the mule (golf cart type thing not an animal) with Mia and Popee and as they drove into the pasture Megan and I headed off for dinner. She and I got a chance to hang out, we watched American Idol and of course chatted tons!
Thursday Shauna and Tom (her husband) came over to see Landree. Shauna hasn't see her since she was 3 months old. On a side note: Shauna and Megan are my best friends since 4th grade and birth, respectively. Landree had fun playing with them-especially Tom she just giggled with him. She crawled in his lap and would bring her books to him to read to her! And then...

Friday-CANTON!!! Ok, so for those who don't know what Canton is here you go...Canton is the most fabulous flea market in the world. I actually hate calling it that because it's so far from it. Canton is actually a town in East Texas. They have every type of vendor you can possibly imagine. Most everything in my house is from there. I love it! I think there are like 7,000 vendors. There is no possible way to ever cover it all. We have our favorite spots and a certain path we always follow! Plus there is great junk food! Shauna, Megan and I had our driver Tom chauffeur us in true fashion. We all sat in the back seat so we could look at pictures and talk. Tom was such a good sport carrying whatever we needed him to and always had a great attitude. He got a good lecture before he was allowed to go. Canton is serious business people! Plus I think he had a fun time getting a sample from every food booth there!

Friday morning my mom and Landree's Aunt Maggie (they work together) had to go to a children's show in Jackson, MS. Grandma came and picked up Landree and she they went to see Papa and spend the day with Aunt Krissy and her 10 new baby puppies. Krissy lives in OK and came home for the weekend. It was such a bonus to see her! Landree had a great time. She took a 3 hour nap that day also and was dirty from head to toe when I picked her up (actually her bottom was the dirtiest) she rode the slide all day and swung and played on Grandma's awesome playground!

Friday night we came home and ate pizza with Popee and after Landree went to bed Popee and I watched TV.

Saturday morning Landree, Popee and I went to breakfast in Emory. Landree loved holding a whole biscuit and taking bites off of it. It's a new thing...she looks so big doing that. I still prefer to break it off and manage the portion size, but she prefers to do everything the big girl way! When we finished breakfast we dropped Popee off at the house and said our goodbyes. I took Landree for another fun day with Aunt Krissy and I went to a digital scrapbooking class in Rockwall at Gotta Scap. It was awesome! I learned so many quick tips that will save me time and make digital scrapbooking so much easier! I love Gotta Scrap-the ladies there are so sweet and they always have the best ideas for new projects. The scrap stores here (and really any others I've ever been too) don't even compare to how wonderful their store is!

Megan rode with me to Rockwall and when my class was over we went to lunch at Chiloso-YUM! Then we went to the cutest store in downtown Rockwall called Groovy's. I got a new dress (that I'll wear as a top with jeans) I love it! They had really cute jewelry too!

And that's not all...for the one person still reading this...I headed back to get Landree, Megan headed home and off I went to McKinney we went to stay the night with Uncle B and Aunt GiGi. We didn't get to spend a lot of time with them because they had a super busy weekend. We did squeeze in about 15 min worth of pictures with H and J before Landree went to bed (GiGi has sent them to me, but I haven't saved them to my computer yet). Aunt G is in this awesome kids program at their church where she plays a Princess with Super Powers. She had practice for that and Uncle B helped someone move on Saturday.

Sunday morning we went to church with them. We got to see GiGi in action! It was awesome. Uncle B, H and J took us to the airport after church. Poor J was so sick! We had to stop a few times for him to get sick. He's such a sweet boy and was such a good sport. He didn't really want to ride to the airport (I don't blame him) but there wasn't really another option since the Princess was busy at church. So far we aren't sick-I hope it stays that way.

Our flight home wasn't quite as good at the one on the way. Every seat was full so I couldn't bring Landree's car seat on. It was about 2 hours past her nap time. I was planning on her falling asleep and sleeping the entire flight...wrong. She was so hyper since she wasn't strapped in. She was talking to the man next to us and the people behind us. She must have done a complete circle in my lap 15 times. Thank goodness the man next to us on the plane was so nice. He said he has 12 grandchildren and several of them were around Landree's age. She finally fell asleep and slept a lot of the flight. She did wake up near the end and cried a little bit.

She was so happy to see Jeff when we got home! I'm doing pretty good...I've got one suitcase unpacked. It takes me so much longer now to catch up! I've been dying to blog about our trip! It was so nice and relaxing. We don't usually stay at home so it was a nice change of pace. It was so great seeing Shauna and Megan too! I love those girls!

Can't wait for our next trip!


Tricia said...

I love the update. It is so cool that you got to have fun and that Landree got to visit. Can't wait for you to teach me all that you learned in your scrapbooking class. :) See you soon. Missed you guys. :)

Frazzled said...

We loved having you here even though it was for such a short time. Hopefully next time we won't be so busy and can spend more time together. Hope little J didn't get y'all sick. So far, no one else has gotten it :)

Tell Landree her Aunt Gigi loves her!

Steve, Jodi, Julia & Jack said...

What a fun time! :) I am so glad to hear about the scrap shop. :) I am a huge fan of Recollections in Frisco - that was MY one-stop shop...I LOVED their Friday night crops...I will have to go and check out YOUR recommendation when I am there in July! :)

Kimber said...

What a great update---I felt like I was there with you! Now here is what I have been wanting to know---what did oyu get in Canton? I want picutres of the good! Also, can I list you on my blog roll?


Jennifer said...


I would be so honored if you listed me on your blog roll! I just love to look at your blog! Thank you!

So the scoop on can get everything...My living room furniture is from there it's made from old barnwood and tin ceiling tiles. They have clothes and iron stuff...They have everything. It's vendors from all over that come and set up once a month. I got a new Chi (straighting iron) last month and an unfinished wood cross for a project I'll be working on. And a few hairbows for Landree, and a few books for Landree. They have everything! We plan entire trips going home around Canton weekend. They've mentioned it in Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens before. It's fabulous! I'll try to post some pictures later.


The Byrd Family said...

I LOVE going to Canton! We only live about an hour away from there! Great food and awesome bargains!

Your daughter is beautiful!