Thursday, April 24, 2008

19 Months Old...

Today Landree is 19 months old. Her vocabulary has exploded! In the past week or two she try's to say everything. I love how when I say something she repeats it. She will say silky for her silky blanket we call silky. It's so sweet-I love to hear it. When I lay her down for bed I tell her I'll cover her up with her blanket and she will say "blanket!" Then I say, "here's your silky", and she says, "silky!" Then I say "here's your baby," and she says, "baby!" And tonight she said pwllow for laying on her pillow. I LOVE THE TALKING!

Landree is a great sleeper. Her nap times vary from a few one hour naps last week (not normal and a rough few days) to a 3 1/2 hour nap yesterday (great day). She normally naps or about 2 hours or so. She goes straight to bed at night, around 8, and sleeps until 7 or 8. She wakes up happy and goes to bed blowing kisses. She really just blows, but I know that is what she's doing because I'll blow kisses to her first. Before bed every night Jeff and I will pray with her (we have our bedtime routine we do before this...bath, pj's, Zyrtec, teeth as Landree says for brushing her teeth). Then after we pray Landree says rock, rock and I'll sit down to rock her. Then she says book, book and we'll usually read a book (unless we've just read one or it's too late), and if I say, "no, we've already read a book" she'll say say 'night, night' if you're not going to read to me put me to bed.

Her new obsession is for shoes. Case in point:

She wakes up; we go into her room and tell her good morning and usually one of the first words from her mouth is shoes. She loves them! We put on boots (fur boots Mia got us for Christmas) or cowboys boots (that Grandma got us when Landree was born-cute and PINK!) She has to wear socks with them so she says 'socks' too. She loves other kids shoes too. Last week Caleb came over to play and she wore his tennis shoes the entire time (after his mom took them off) if they are off they are free game. She wore Cooper's at least an hour Tuesday, and they are 2 sizes too big.

Landree loves fruit and cheese. She eats veggies and loves them too. She also loves ice cream...oops. We didn't even let her have any type of sugar like that until she was one. We've gone down hill quickly. We have let her have a little bit if we go get ice cream. One day a few weeks ago Jennifer, Cooper, Landree and I went to Moe's with Pastor Bill. The kids were ready to get down before we were finished eating and Bill offered to take them out on the patio. A few minutes later they ventured onto the sidewalk. We figured he could handle it. He has 3 grown boys. When we finished they were no where in site. But the ice cream store (Coldstone) is 2 doors down...and we found them there. Landree had just about polished off a kids cup of CHOCOLATE ice cream (her first time for chocolate). PB said it wasn't his idea...I don't really doubt him. Landree can tell you where Moe's is, when she can say Coldstone I'm sure she'll be able to let you know it's next door.

She loves to be outside! We have a bubble gun and she'll say bubbles for you to blow them. I attribute this love for the outdoors to Jennifer and Cooper. I am not real "outdoorsy", but I'm working on it because it makes Landree happy. I can't wait to get a kiddie pool for her to play in. It's getting warm and I think she'll love it.

At her 18 month appointment she was a whopping 21.9 pounds and 32 inches tall. That's the 10th% for her weight and between the 50-75th% for her height. I started a post last month on updates and this is what I had gotten to...I love seeing how she's growing and changing (obsessions and all) From the 18 month update (never posted):

Landree had to get a shot today (18 month visit) but I'm happy to report that she should not have to have any other shots until she's 4! That's probably most exciting for me! I hate it when she has to get a shot. Jeff normally comes to all of our appointments also, but is out of town so poor mommy had to hold the baby down and then be the one to comfort her also. It's so sad.

Landree does new things everyday!

Our new obsession is with 'shooting'. Cooper loves basketball. He is obsessed with balls and shooting the basketball. Landree has caught the fever...we just got her a goal. We'll be sitting at the dinner table and she'll start saying shoot, shoot, shoot. She is so cute when she shoots. She will hold the ball over her head, walk up the the goal and then release the ball...behind her head. I cheer...repeat the process.

She loves fruit. I am so glad! I wasn't able to give her much fruit before because she would get a bad diaper rash if she had too much. Luckily, we're not having that problem anymore. She loves to eat blueberries, strawberries, and grapes.

She says socks, shoes, milk with the funniest little accent...I wonder where she gets that from? Hum....

Now we should be all caught up...I love you Landree!


Tricia said...

She is so funny about shoes. She kept pointing to my shoes yesterday when we went outside. Love it. Guess you better start saving now for when she gets older so that you will have a shoe fund for her. :)

Yes, Minister... said...

Princess-in-Training was this age when she was placed in my arms :D This was very touching and sweet, hug your baby big time :D She will grow up all to fast!

Ladybug hugs,