Monday, May 26, 2008

Beach Pictures are posted!

We had our pictures taken at the beach this weekend. Stacy Q. does such an awesome job and she hopped around just like normal taking our pictures despite her 34 week pregnant belly! They are posted on her site, Natural Wonders Photography. Click here then go to galleries/ordering and look for Landree on page 3. I'll post all the pictures here when we get our CD.

We had such a great weekend. I'll post more about that later. Here is a sneak peak of some of the pictures I took while we were at the beach yesterday.


Kimber said...


It was SO GREAT to meet y'all! Landree is as cute as can be. I loaded the photos to my flickr account. Just click on any photo on my blog and you'll see a little set called Landree. I will make the setting so that you can copy them.


Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures. I look forward to the rest. We spent our weekend in Virginia Beach (a LONG way from us!). I love the beach on Memorial Day Weekend. It gives us a glimpse of what is to come.

Jennifer said...

What beautiful pictures! How will you ever decide which ones to frame? I'd want one of all of them! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL family!

Frazzled said...

These are GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad I don't have to pick which ones to get! Landree is starting to look more and more like her Aunt Gigi! I'll have to hunt down a picture I have of me when I was that age. The resemblance is striking!