Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun with ME!

My momma has been here almost a week. We LOVE it when she comes to visit. Landree loves ME, as she calls her. Momma's grandma name (her choice) is Mia. Well Landree has shortened it and it's now Me! It's so cute! Here are a few pictures from her visit. Of course Mia brought Landree a suitcase full of cute new clothes! This pettiskirt is one of my favorite things. We already have a pink and brown one too. Where are we going to wear it???? A friend of ours who makes the cutest things is opening a new shop in our home town, and they also have a website. It's called The Prissy Parlor. We got so many cute new dresses from them. Several of them have monograms. Let all your pregnant friends know that if they name their baby "Landree" they can have all of her old clothes :)

The picture below is at our friend Lilly's birthday party Sunday. Landree was riding in Aiden's motorized truck. She loves it! Momma picked up this dress at Target and had and L put on it for Landree.

Here is my gardening buddy. We did tons of yard work last week getting our backyard ready for summer. Momma helped me pull up every oak tree that was growing in my flower weeds just tons of baby trees! I even bought Landree the cutest pair of gardening gloves at Target. What a joke! Have you ever tried to put a toddler hand in a pair of gloves? They will be going back. She liked wearing my gloves the best.

Mia, we love you and can't wait until your next visit!

Grandma (Jeff's mom) also sent us a fun box filled with goodies for Landree (and my birthday). I'll have to take pictures in the next few days and post them. My favorite item was a purse that looks like a skirt. Grandma added a rhinestone "L" to complete the look. You know we're all about a rhinestone!

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Tricia said...

I was hoping you would post some pictures of your mom's visit. Love the new outfits. Glad your mom got to come and spend some time. She is always so sweet to be around.