Friday, July 18, 2008

Texas: Day 1

Ok, it's just a few minutes before Landree's bedtime. Here's a run down of Texas Day 1:

I digress...We actually arrived last night-Landree and I had a fabulous flight! We arrived about 40 min. early...what? First of all coming here is a longer flight than on the way home because of the wind. I asked the flight attendant and she said the pilots were building in a break for themselves because they had flown from DFW to Columbia, then back to DFW and were heading back to MS so they needed time to grab dinner...what? Oh well, fine by me! Less time for Landree in her car seat. She is so great at flying and did great yesterday. She played with stickers for about an hour-I'd say 5 packs of dollar store stickers were a great investment!!!

So Texas Day 1: Landree woke up at close to normal time after going to bed 3 hours late-in the same dress she was wearing yesterday. Last year I would have never done this, but what the hay (I say this but don't know if that's how you spell it? hey? hay?) She was tired and it was late. Today she has eaten a pancake, half a chocolate bar, and 3 bites of yogurt and that was all this morning. She and Poppee went to get ice cream before 10 am. They bought a half gallon so we did wait until after dinner to at eat it. She ate about 4 bites of fried squash, she was calling boc boc (that's a chicken sound), 6 french fries, and about 2 beans for lunch. For dinner she did eat good-green beans, broccoli, chicken and a bowl of ice cream. It's a good thing we don't live here :) Grandparents will spoil you!

Ok, I'm off to hold Landree down and brush her teeth! Have a great night!


The Byrd Family said...

Okay...I must have missed this! You guys are in Texas? Where????

Steve, Jodi, Julia and Jack said...

Yes - my two just crashed in bed last night after a LONG day of plane rides and switching - on our way home from a 19-day Texas trip full of fun...I agree that once, I NEVER would have permitted that - germs galore...but they were SO tired and SO good on the plane... :) Have FUN! :)