Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun with Friends (in Texas)

Here are a few more pictures from our trip. On Friday we met our friend Julie (sans kids and husband-we missed you John, Teagan, and Maddox) and her mom, and my friend too, Debbie. Mia came with us too. We had an all girls lunch! We ate at the yummy Burger Style Cafe. When we pulled up there was a big sign on the door for Blue Bell Ice Cream and giant ice cream cones. Landree was starving until we pulled up and then she wanted ice cream. After lunch I went to order her an ice cream. I asked for a bowl and the lady said that they didn't have bowls-it was their first day to have ice cream. The Blue Bell man barely beat us there. What are the chances? Lucky us!

We got to see Aunt Megan several times. I actually got to see Megan a lot more than Landree did. We had an all day shopping day-super fun! A craft night-super fun! And a trip or two to Sonic. I love these pictures of she and Landree, and I love that she and her husband are living in our home town again. We get to see her so much more when we are home!


Julie said...

In that top picture she looks just like you, Jen!

The Byrd Family said...

Nothing like blue bell ice cream! I hope the next time you guys come we can get together. I know Lottie would just love to "mother" little Landree.

The Barner Bunch said...

Sounds like you gals kicked up some dirt in old Emory! You must have forgotten to call me for craft night! ha ha Seriously...I would have not been an asset!!!