Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A break from our regularly scheduled programming

Can you imagine if you found this thing in your backyard pool? Oh my goodness!!!

Well, the good thing is that it's actually dead in this picture. My redneck friend Michael hunted him down (an all night and into the next day ordeal,) and who would ever in their life believe that someone would be crazy enough to hunt an alligator if there weren't pictures to prove it?

Keep in mind Michael is 6'3 or 6'4. The gator was 12'2.
Again-dead, but would you really stick your head in his mouth? And are you wondering how you catch a gator? How else, but with a fishing pole! Seriously people! Then guns were involved. Did you know gators are bullet proof? Seriously!

There was a lottery in SC this year to get to hunt an alligator and Michael was lucky enough to get a license and catch this one. Congrats on your catch friend!


Jennifer said...

Okay, that gave me goosebumps just looking at that scary thing! Yuck! What part of SC did he find such a huge creature? Scary!

Tricia said...

I am still not sure about this whole thing, but leave it to Michael to have an awesome time and come back with a huge gator!

I definitely don't think I would want to put my head in its mouth even if it is dead!