Monday, September 29, 2008

Go Cowboys!

Ok, I know it's Monday and I know the boys lost yesterday, but we're not fair weather fans! Check out our little cheerleader! We surprised Jeff by showing up to church in this yesterday. We got lots of compliments on the cheerleader, but trash talk about the team. We love the Cowboys. Hence...Landree. Here's my disclosure on her name: I loved the name and once I mentioned to Jeff he was sold! I also loved Addison, but I'm so glad her name is Landree-she's the perfect Landree.

My mom got this uniform for Jeff as a Christmas present when Landree was 3 months old. It was a little big last years but it's perfect this year. If daddy gets her dressed you can pretty much bet she'll be wearing this or her Romo Rocks shirt.

Here are the world's biggest fans around this time last year.

Our little cheerleader

On Saturday Jeff went to the Carolina game. Landree and I went out and did a few errands. Jeff is teaching her to say, "Go Cowboys!" I mentioned that Jeff was at the football game and she just kept saying Go Cowboys! Go Cowboys! This morning when I went into get Landree up she said, "Daddy here!" I told her Daddy already had to go to work and she said, "Daddy, football game." Oh...when is football season over?

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Well, you must know that WE love the Cowboys but Lottie is more of a Texas Longhorn fan. She likes college football like her Mommy more than professional! lol