Thursday, September 11, 2008

Say Cheese...

We all know my love affair with the mail, well, Landree is developing her own very quickly! Yesterday, her own personal birthday box arrived from Grandma. I let her open it instead of waiting because it's just fun to open boxes you get in the mail!

Here are a couple of cute new outfits! The look so cute on Landree.
Landree's already been playing with everything, but she especially loves the monkey lunchbox. She calls it her monkey bag and she's been carrying it around like a purse with all the potato head parts inside.

So I told you about Landree saying, "Daddy, church, camera, say cheese" She is so funny. She picked this up from a TV show where a robot wants his picture taken. He says cheese, cheese, cheese...well while Landree and Momma were playing today Momma got out the camera. Landree started saying cheese and insisted having her picture taken with each one of her stuffed animals. I've only posted a few-they were too cute not too.

Momma and I got our hair done today. I'll post before and after photos tomorrow.

And I had a first today-tonight I sat in line to get gas. I ran out to do a few errands after Landree went to bed and as I passed two gas stations near our house I thought it was a little strange that there was a line at each station. Then I passed a few others and there were crazy lines at them too. I started worrying thinking that there was something really bad going on that I didn't know about. I saw a policeman at one station so I stopped to ask him. He said that gas prices might be up $5 by tomorrow. So what did I do? I joined all the other crazy people filling up their tanks. All the stations were already out of regular gas. I got premium, but premium at $3.69 is much better than regular at $5, right?


Tricia said...

I love her expressions while opening her birthday box. Wow, those sure do look like fun presents. I want to play! :)

I love her expressions with all her animals. She is such a ham. Her hair looks really thick and curly in the pictures.

We are excited about her party and can't wait for her to open our present. :)

Julie said...

Landree's hair is getting so long! I love the curls! Can't wait to see pics of your new do's.