Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Breast Cancer 3 Day 2009

The 3 Day was wonderful! It's really a life changing experience in so many ways. It's refreshing to see how generously people give to something that effects so many people. Breast Cancer touches almost everyone in some way or another. My grandmother passed away after a 10 year battle in 2002. I want there to be a cure so I walk.

We started out at opening ceremonies at South Fork Ranch on Friday, November 7th at 5:30. It's very emotional as the speaker tells you all the facts about breast cancer and you think about the reason and people you're walking for.

Megan and I walked about 30 of the 60 miles this year since she is pregnant. Megan was super sore the first day. I learned last year that the medical tent is your friend-seriously! The top of my foot hurt and they told me a way to re-tie my shoe laces and it was so much better. They just know stuff... I suggested we go to the medical tent in case they knew of a good way for her to stretch or something else. They proceeded to take her blood pressure 4 times (sitting, standing, and laying down on each arm)...after a through check they said she was just sore. HELLO? So we headed to the chiropractic section of the tent. I've never been to a chiropractor, but I do think a lot of what they do makes sense. We had the nicest lady that 'practiced' on us. That sounds scary, right? She seemed really sweet at first, but turned totally hippie and earthy on us. It was fun to laugh about all weekend.

Camping: Much better than last year, I'm happy to report! I was a little more prepared with what to expect and we packed extra blankets and I wasn't cold even once in the night-big plus!

Thing that stood out: It was so much fun to do this with my best friend! We got to spend more time together than we have in years and for that I am so grateful! With our 30 Days to Live Series wrapping up this week and after walking I know how much I take everything (Jeff, time, friends, everything!) for granted I want to live life to the fullest and love the Lord and make every minute count! The one walker that stood out most to me was actually a lady that was being pushed in a wheelchair. She had no hair, a swollen belly, and a chemo port with an IV bag the second day-talk about living life.

The Dallas walk alone raised 7.9 million dollars!!! Thank you so much for giving generously!


Kam said...

Way to go! Love your post!

The Barner Bunch said...

Wow...what an experience. I'm glad Megan was able to participate. I was a little worried about her...but knowing she was with you, I felt much better!
I was thrilled to meet you in person and really visit with your. You're a fabulous FREN to Megan and personally, I adore you! I love your funny personality. I felt like I already knew you :)
Looking forward to next time your in for a visit!!!!!

Tricia said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. What an awesome experience and also an awesome cause. As I watched the slideshow, it brought tears to my eyes to think of what an amazing thing was taking place there. Just one step closer to a cure!!!!

jenbusymom said...

That is so awesome of you! My MIL passed recently from bcancer and it's so great that people like you are trying to make a difference for this terrible disease and make hope for our future.

Anonymous said...

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