Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Preschool Update

Landree is still loving preschool! The only problem? What am I going to do with all these fabulous crafts? I can't bear to get rid of even one of them-so for now our fridge is literally covered! I am taking pictures so I'll have a record and I guess eventually I'll have to pick my favorites. I am a sucker for any type of prints so I know I'll keep the pumpkin with handprint leaves and the appletree made with her finger prints. And those baby owls are pretty cute, but they won't pack well. Mom's what do ya'll do?

These are for my records :) These are her take home notes-I am missing a few of them, but they are around here somewhere...really, I'm not a pack rat I promise!

September 2nd: Cheerful/Happy Very good day. Loved playing with all of the toys. Very patient with others!

September 4th: Cheerful/Happy Very good day today. Happy just playing. Compassionate toward others. Seemed to feel fine :) (I guess this was a sick day)

September 18th: Cheerful/Happy Very good day. Plays quietly by herself. More interaction with teachers. Always happy and smiling.

Septeember 25th: Cheerful/Happy Very good day today. Talking and interacting with others more. Loved finger painting!

October 14th: Cheerful/Happy Very good day today. She is a good listener. Good job using her words to get what she ants and using her friends' names. Sat in fire truck today.

October 16th: Cheerful/Happy Very good day. Interacted more with others today. Loves painting and does a great job!

October 21st: Cheerful/Happy Very good day. Mostly independent play today. Good vocabulary.

October 23rd: Cheerful/Happy Very good day. Had fun making spider wed and playing with stickers. Put them on a friend's shirt :) I don't believe it. Look at this?

October 28th: Cheerful/Happy Good day today. Great job using her words and standing up for herself. Good job sharing.

October 30th: Cheerful/Happy Good day. Needed some reminders to share with others. Good job using her words. (I think our note was switched with someone else-this doesn't fit the trend. I guess we all get an off day.)

November 11th: Cheerful/Happy Very good day. Played independently today. Good listener. We painted with a carrot, green pepper, and squash today.


Lynn & Matt said...

Landree is so cute and it sounds like she is a very good girl--I'm not suprised! I can only imagine how you feel about all of her cute crafts but I think that taking pictures of them is a great way to remember.

Jodee Leader said...

I love Landree's artwork! I keep some and I also send some to both grandparents. They love it too!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Her take home notes are always great...she seems like such a happy little girl which must mean that you are doing a great job!

Until the year is over I keep everything and then I go through all of them and sort through...anything with handprints or fingers I usually keep and holiday stuff that was made for me or someone else in the house or personal stuff. The other I try to part with. It's hard the first year but when you get multiple years with multiple children it will become alittle easier because you just don't have the room :)

Good Luck!

Jennifer said...

I am a push over for their work so each year I get a box and collect all of their artwork and other special memorabilia from the year. I date it on the back and make notes on the back of the artwork if there is something particular I want to remember about it. We call these their "precious boxes." I fill it with their favorite outfit at that stage, their dance recital costume, birthday cards, schoolwork, etc. Eventually I'll put their favorite toys and books away too. I then put their school picture from that year on the very top of the box before I pack it away for the year. This way when they open teh box in years to come, they see what they looked like at that age too. My mom did this for my sister and I and I have always appreciated it. I buy a lot of paper for my business so I use the boxes that my paper comes in, so they aren't huge but they have room for all of our favorite things from that year. Each one is labeled with the year and their age and tucked away in the attic for the future.

Frazzled said...

Just saw the answer to this yesterday on Oprah ... You do just what you have done with the taking pictures of it and then you turn them into a book. Peter Walsh did a great piece on this.

Kam said...

Jen, just a suggestion and you may already have done this...but we have several of those rubbermaid containers...can't remember the exact size but we call them memory boxes. they stay in our basement and all of the "keepers" from our girls go into them. for us, one a year pretty much does it. so by the time they quit really "making" things...we will probably only have like a dozen or so. not sure if you have the space but they just stay in our basement. it keeps them dry and kinda airtight. i love them and the girls love going down and looking through them from years ago.
just a thought!
have a great one!

Tricia said...

It is very hard to know which ones to keep. I think that I am with you, I love the ones with prints. Guess we can't keep all of them. What a great idea to at least have a picture of them and then you can chose a few to keep.