Monday, July 6, 2009

Name and Nursery!

Jeff and I made it home last night from CO minus Landree. Jeff's been excited about our free time until about 5:15 when we were telling Landree goodbye and he realized it's going to be 20 something days before he gets to see her. I will be heading back to TX next Thursday, but Jeff will be heading out of town on a mission trip. Reality set in and he was sad. We did all our Landree impressions at the airport and on the plane. However, we did enjoy sleeping in until 9:45 this morning (which really wasn't sleeping in considering we didn't go to bed until after 1 am.

Today our plan as been to do nothing, and I'd have to say we've done a great job at it. We have watched TV and played online all day! So relaxing.

We've decided on a baby name...drum roll please...Hudson it is! It's so funny, because so many of you commented that it was your favorite, but I should point out it wasn't because you read each others comments, because I published most of them at the same time. We love it. I even bought letters for his nursery yesterday on sale at Babies R Us. Which brings me to nursery talk...

I thought I had in mind what I was wanting-my mom found some cute bedding at a great price, and I really don't want to spend a lot on the nursery. We went over the top with Landree's bedding, but now it just doesn't seem that important, and since we don't have a room anyway it really doesn't seem like such a big deal, but I'm getting excited and want to at least have in mind what I want to in his room {enter Polyvore} I am loving it by the way-it's similar to an online idea board. You can clip pictures from various sites and put it all together. So here's room number one I've been working on:

A little explanation: The chair is a must! I had a glider with Landree and we still use it to rock and read books in, but I can see myself sleeping and nursing and rocking in this must have chair, and since we don't have so many other necessities to purchase this time I am definitely getting the chair! The name/monogram paintings by Small Words are all so cute and I love them, but I did pick up letters on sale yesterday at Babies R Us-they are polka dot and striped and I think it might be a little much to have his name in letters and then the monogram too, but I love them both. The bedding is all basic, but I kind of like that it's more mix and match-able. I love the canvas storage from Pottery Barn! I would get the polka dot in brown and possibly the solid with a brown bottom. I love the vintage type pictures and cards, but I'm not sure if they mix. What do you think?
hudson's room

I {love} Henry's nursery! Holly pulls everything together so effortlessly! I used several of her ideas above like the Sarah and Abraham print and the vintage cards.

Here's option number 2 (which isn't what I was thinking at first, but I'm starting to love now)

Here are a couple of variables/questions: We have a Jenny Lind bed which is white, but if I used it with the below things I could paint it red or navy...but does that go with the brown chair? I could get a navy chair, but I feel like the brown would last longer or we would be able to be used in other rooms later. I saw plain red and denim bumpers at Babies R Us in TX. I could paint the crib red and use the denim bumpers with the print sheets or could I just use the same brown bedding as the room above? Agh! My head is hurting!

What do you think? Over all I think I'm starting to like the vintage look better? I know I would spend more on all the fabulous accessories, and I think the color of the crib and bedding will really make a difference. What to do? I need your help!


Courtney said...

Both nurseries are cute, but I have to say that I like the vintage!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hey Girl,

Glad you had a great trip...and sounds like you have a had a nice relaxing day!!

I like both rooms, but I LOVE the second cute!! I have never seent the idea board.....that is awesome!!

Hope you and J survive your week withouth Miss L.....we are without Nick. He stayed in New England with his cousin for a was strange coming home without him this morning:(

Talk to you soon,


jenbusymom said...

Hi Jen,

Sorry I've been hiding, things have just been so busy and hectic lately! I'm glad you're doing well, love the name and both nurseries, although the second one is more colourful. I know whatever you do is going to look spectacular! Glad you enjoyed a nice break!

Tricia said...

Well I like both of them, but I think my vote is for the 2nd one. I just love the trucks and things. Both would be really cute though.

Hope Landree is having fun with Mia and I know that you are happy that she is getting some time there. :)

Jeff and Megan said...

Love the Vintage. Honestly, I don't know that there is a need to paint the bed. If you do, I would say do it red. And yes, I love the brown bedding with it!

Cheryl said...

Love the name...Hudson sounds so cool, cute, and later "sexy"...he can grow into such a cool name...
Love the Brown and Blue!
Choc Brown is my fav, and mixed with blue...can't go wrong!!!!
It will be fantastic no matter what you do...

Jonni said...

Both are very pretty, but I think I prefer the vintage too. :)

Great things!


Jayde said...

You probably didn't even know I've been stalking your blog, I found it through Meagan's. Anyway, I love the name! Cute! I like option 2 for the room. I think with that the crib would look cute in a green (like the wrecker picture). But whatever you do will be cute, you are so creative.