Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of dance class

Yesterday Landree started dance class thanks to Mia and Poppe. She is taking classes through a dance studio at her preschool. She's the only one that doesn't go to school on Monday/Wednesday who was in the class so we showed up a little early today. The other girls ate a little snack since they'd been at school this morning and then put on their dance clothes. It was so funny watching 12 or so little girls about 3-4ish in age trying to get on their dance clothes. Some had on their leotards backwards or no tights. It was kind of like Jeff getting Landree dressed in dance clothes for the first time this morning. Her tights were so BIG on her. We could have had them pulled up around her ears! She decided she needed to wear her fancy skirt and I'm so glad I let her. Most of the girls had on some type of skirt. One mom even asked where we got ours-dress up section at Target (thank you very much Traci Suber-it was a birthday present).

So here is my little ballerina in action!

And before class:





Brooke said...

I'm sure she's going to love taking dance! I love her skirt!

Taren said...

Oh Jennifer, she is a doll! I can't wait to be able to do these things with Camdyn! Curious...how is it going with Landree being almost 3 and having Hudson? If it's up to me we are hoping that our next one will be here when she is 3. Is it easier having 2 with her being older? Hudson looks so much like Landree to me!!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness! Those videos seriously make me laugh out loud!! TOO CUTE! I love the one where she is bumping into the girl, in the middle of the dance circle, and holding up her skirt at the same time. She does really good following along though! Especially for the first time! Way to go Landree Grace!

Courtney said...

She is so cute. She looks adorable in her dance outfit!

Felicia said...


jenbusymom said...

Adorable is right! Caitlin looked just like that when she did the same kind of ballet and tap classes a few years ago.