Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The sweet things she says...


is getting so big-she truly is a little girl and a baby or toddler no longer. It's become so much more apparent to me since we've had Hudson. She can carry a conversation on with you as good or better than some adults! Here are a few of the sweet things she's said lately that I don't want to forget.

We were getting her dressed for preschool and she was wearing a shirt with a heart on it. She said look Momma at that heart, it's so cute. Then she said, "it's for Jesus to save." I love that! I love her sweet spirit and so look forward to the day that she truly understands this fully and accepts the Lord as her own Savior.

The same day I was taking her diaper off (she is potty trained, but wears a diaper to bed) and she looked at my feet and said, "Momma, your feet are so clean! They smell so good." I just thought it was so funny that she said that-almost implying that they normally aren't.

And after we picked Angie up at the airport a few weeks ago she commented on "the beautiful orange sky" she's so observant and brightens my day all the time! I love you Landree Grace. You're the best girl in the whole wide world!

Also, we are showing our house tomorrow. Pray that it will go well and we'll get a contract on our house! :)


jenbusymom said...

Very sweet, my girls amaze me each and every day! Hudson looks like a little doll in the picture!

Good luck!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh she is just too sweet!! She takes after her Momma:)

I am crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for you guys....I hope it sells!!



HowryFamily said...

LOVE her little sayings! :) Especially the feet comment..haha!

Okay so I am having the hardest time dressing Colt. I think what I've decided on for Christmas pics is a pair of tiny khakis and a little plaid button up? Boys are SO not as fun to dress as girls! And for around the house he's been wearing little onesies (we have the same one as Hudson has in your pic! Go texas!) and sweats.

I'll be praying your house sells! I think we're getting ready to put ours on the market as well... too tiny for four!