Monday, December 28, 2009

A little QT with Poppee

Poppee loves to spend time with Landree and she loves to torture play with Zoe so their nightly routine is for Landree to join Poppee (and Zoe) in his room while he watches the news before bedtime.  And literally all he can do it watch it because Landree is so loud singing and telling him stories that you can’t hear a word they are saying.  He doesn’t seem to mind. 

Sometimes there is a little jumping involved too.  Poppee told her not to jump on the bed, but she didn’t listen.  He didn’t really seem to mind.  


This girl is going to be so spoiled when we get home.  And I’m sure she’ll be requesting the O’Rilley Factor before bed at night if she thinks it means she can stay up later and jump on the bed.  And for now I don’t really mind if it means she’s getting to spend a little QT with Poppee. 



Lynn and Matt said...

I love your new blog name and header! Your kiddos are getting so big and too cute!
I'm glad to hear that you got to go home for the holidays--I wish I did...
I wish you many blessings and Happy 2010!

Taren said...

Yes we would have the same Christmas dress picked out for the girls! I hope you have some pictures so I can see her in it! We actually got her chairs upholstered through the place that did her bedding...whistle stop bedding. They have a big shop at Canton too.

jenbusymom said...

Hi Jen,

I love the new blog look, it turned out awesome! It's so great too that the kiddies get to have this time with a very patient Poppy!