Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun with Friends!

We’ve had a great spring break this week!  Landree (and I) adore her preschool!  She loves to learn and has so much fun with her friends at school, and I love that Hudson and I have a little time alone and I have a chance to run errands with only one baby!  But this week has been a sweet little taste of what summer will be like, no where to be, and able to do what we want when we want!  We love play dates and were able to play at the park with friends and have lunch on Tuesday, we went to My Gym with friends on Wednesday, and our friends Jackson and Denise came into town on Friday and stayed this weekend with us.  It was so fun hanging out with them and getting together with lots of friends to play on Saturday!  Of course, I didn’t get one picture this week and Popee is getting grumpy without pictures so I decided to bust out the camera this morning while Jack and Landree were watching a Super Why before church.  I’m surprised I got these cute pictures of the girl!  She is so anti-camera these days! 




Clare said...

adorable! last week we didn't have school either, and it was nice to not have to run somewhere with bradley and a newborn. we have school this week, so wish me luck!

Taren said...

Ha ha!! Seriously...same outfit! Lets make a deal...You buy the clothes and when she grows out of them, I'll buy them from you! Landree's hair is soo long and pretty