Thursday, September 30, 2010

My BFF is here!

Megan and Hayden are here!  They just arrived this morning, and while we sit on the couch and blog at 11:30 at night while we should be sleeping I imagine our posts will be very different :) 

I can’t believe I am posting this picture!  I mean look at those glasses…as if that were the worst part.  My mom and I were actually talking about that swimsuit I had on not too long ago.  We were arguing that it must have been a pageant swimsuit, but I assured her that I just had one with sequins on it.  And for the record I am still not that well endowed…

I am giddy about our visit.  Megan and Hayden are going to be here for 9 whole days!!!  We plan a trip to the apple orchard, the zoo, and lots of shopping!  I love that girl.  I’ve know her since birth and we’ve experienced just about everything together.  There is nothing like a best friend. 

So if you want the scoop on what we’ve been doing today you might want to check out Megan’s blog.  And feel lucky if you get to read this before she makes me take it down. 

Jenny and Megan

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