Thursday, July 14, 2011

Retro Camera

We took a jump to smart phones a few months ago.  We ended up switching carriers went with Android phones.  We LOVE them!  Honestly, I didn’t think I would be so attached, but I feel like my phone saves me so much time during the day.  I’m a lot less likely to sit down at the computer during rest time now which saves me time since I’m less likely to keep sitting ;) 

I love all the fun apps that are available!  I have friends with iPhones and I would say most apps are similar, but the iPhone has Instagram (I’m not really familiar with it since I don’t have an iPhone, but they look retro) which I think is so fun-so when I saw the Retro Camera app I bought it!  Here are a few of our recent tries with the retro camera.  The app has 7 different cameras with different finishes.  They also have a free version of the app if you’d like to try it.  Are there any other apps you think I should try? 

shot_1310039610206  shot_1310039897527

There are all taken at the Brewer’s house.  Hudson loves the boys 4 wheelers.  He was doesn’t have a helmet on in these pictures, but after I put it on him he wouldn’t take it off!  He was sweating like a hot dog! 


And these were all taken at Old Navy.  The kids love the plastic dogs.  What you don’t go there for photo shoots?  Actually, Jeff had a mission trip lock in and was preaching the next day so I felt like I should give him a chance to sleep-I am not normally so generous with time to sleep, but felt like he needed it so the kids and I ran to the farmer’s market, the shoe store, Old Navy, the mall and Target.  We even ate lunch out at a little Mexican restaurant.  Poor Hud was so exhausted he fell asleep sitting straight up in his stroller at Target so we headed home for nap time!


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Aly said...

I love the retro camera app too! I think I'm beginning to use it more than my actual camera :)

Another good app is the Blogger app. I really like it! It lets you attach pictures, create posts, edit other posts, and look at other blogs. It's nice having everything at your fingertips :)