Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Catch Up

We’ve been in Texas for almost two weeks now.  My sweet momma flew into town on Saturday and drove home with us on Monday.  We made the trip in one day!  The kids, Jeff, and I made a quick trip to TX in November when Jeff spoke at a retreat {and we had to make it in one day.}  I have to brag that my kids really are the best travelers-19 hours in the car in November and Landree didn’t say a word until we were 30 mins from my parents house.  It was really funny too.  She had a little breakdown saying, “I can’t take it anymore!  My bottom hurts!”  Bless her heart!  Momma and I decided to try to do it in a day again, and we made it in about 17 hours this time.  Landree misses ‘our hotel’, but now that I know they can make it in a day it’s so hard to justify the extra money.  We spend about $500 more when we take two days to drive with our hotel, food, etc. each direction.  I bring plenty of crayons, games, books, but in all honesty when the tv comes on that’s pretty much what they prefer.  They might get to watch 10 hours of tv, but it only happens a few times a year right? :)

We’ve been enjoying time with family and friends.  Momma, the kids and I went to Holiday in the Park last weekend.  We started out the day with lunch in Rockwall where Landree ‘developed’ a tummy ache.  I am not sure if she didn’t want to eat or her tummy really hurt, but I found a health food store and got a homeopathic tablet I give her when she says that.  We also stopped by Target to get some tylen*l since her knee hurt when she bent it.  Again, a complaint I get periodically, I think it might be growing pains.  And then…we were really off.  After a quick nap for Hudson in the car and parking we got to the park around 3:30.  Gigi was volunteering with a group taking pictures so we stopped to say hello to her and off we went to the kids area.  The first ride had a small wait.  Hudson was licking the rails as we waited in line and I was seriously doubting our decision to come.  Landree was fine if we weren’t waiting and she could ride in the stroller, which meant I was carrying my littlest love (all 30 pounds of him) around the park.  We decided at about 6:15 that right after the 7:00 musical we wanted to see we were leaving! Well, the kids loved the musical, they both danced the entire time!  We were wishing we’d made it to one of those earlier, and then Landree didn’t want to leave.  We walked right up to any ride they wanted and rode over and over until almost 10 pm!  All while drinking our weight in hot chocolate!  I didn’t take my camera in, but I did get a few pictures with my phone. 


I also attended Angie’s (AKA Grandma) annual Christmas.  We eat lots of yummy food and do a dirty Santa swap (you open gifts and can steal them).  I ended up with the cutest punch bowl that looks like a snowman head (and no pictures). 

Hudson enjoyed a little art time one evening (thank goodness for a great big sister and it only being a highlighter) and then some snuggle time with Popee.  Which really means jumping on the bed and wrestling with the dog, Cotton.  :)


We had a play day with our friends Julie, John, Tegan and Mattox and that is exactly what we did.  Played ALL day!  The girls dressed up and Hudson was in heaven with Mattox’s never ending Cars collection.  Tegan and Mattox bought the kids presents with their own spending money.  A book and truck for Hudson, and play dough and bracelets for Landree.  Perfect!  And Julie made them the coolest game thing.  It had a hopscotch on one side and a target and tic tac toe board on the other.  It’s so cool!  It would be perfect for birthday gifts too!  I told her she should go into business.  I know they are going to love playing with it! 


And after a yummy hamburger lunch that John made for us Julie helped the kids make cookies and then she whipped up a fun icing for them to paint their cookies with.


Julie and I must have started 100 conservations and we got to finish quite a few of them too!  I was such a fun day with friends that we don’t get to see often enough. 

Landree and I have been crafting most days when Hudson naps with easy crafts thanks to Hobby Lobby and their awesome half price sales.  She especially loved decorating the gingerbread house that I picked up at CVS for $5!  Next year I want us to make them using graham crackers.  All she really wants to do is eat the candy :)



And tonight, we took a super fun glow stick bath.  Have you seen this on pinterest?  My guys having too much fun for the pitch dark photo, but you get the idea.  And they LOVED this!  So much joy for a $1!  I got my glow sticks at the Dollar Tree. 


And we are caught up!  Tomorrow we are having Christmas with Angie’s brothers and their families.  It should be lots of fun and Jeff’s sisters (both teachers) are officially on Christmas break so we will be getting to play with them more too!  Next week we are going to ICE and have our annual book exchange Christmas party at Megan and Hayden’s.  I can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas can you?  Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas season!

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Megan said...

Pretty sure you forgot a shopping till 1:00 AM adventure with your BFF! ;-) That deserves its own post! Ha! Ha! You guys are having fun. We love our time we got to spend with you!