Monday, January 9, 2012

Proud Pet Owner

Our sweet little girl wants a puppy so bad.  She loved Mia and Popee’s old dog Zoe and their new dog, Cotton, is growing on her.  She LOVES little dogs!  She adores Aunt Maggie’s little dogs too.  She has been telling us how much she would love a puppy of her own for a good 5 months.  Poor girl only has one several problems- 1.  Jeff and I aren’t really pet people.  2.  Hudson loves big dogs (and might kill a little dog) He loved to wrestle with Cotton-good thing he is a sturdy little dog.  3.  If we had a medium size dog I don’t think anyone would play with it.  4.  Jeff doesn’t want an inside dog, and the list just goes on. 

Mia was feeling pretty sorry for the girl and convinced her that a fish was a great alternative.  We just got home from Texas on Thursday and before Momma flew out on Saturday she took Landree to get her very own first real. live. pet.  And she couldn’t be happier.  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe one day she can have a puppy, but for now she is the proud owner of Golfy.  Her first pet fish.



Jodee said...

How cute!

Gigi said...

Fish are the perfect pets. We have 2 fish, 2 cats and a dog. The fish never throw up or scratch the furniture-I love those fish!

The Byrd's Nest said...

So thankful for fish because they don't pee pee on your floor! Or maybe that is just our dog that never asks to go outside:)

It does help with teaching responsibility and the only reason we got Lottie a puppy is to help her adjust in Mexico. I have to say, I get so irritated with the dog but she is the sweetest thing and Lottie is so comforted by her presence and she seems to be okay with the girls dressing her up in build-a-bear clothes:)