Monday, March 26, 2012

Just a glimpse…

Sometimes I feel like there isn’t much to blog about these days, but the little things I want to remember that seem so small now are already forgotten from a month ago.  So I’ve been trying to snap little pictures here and there of the funny sweet little things I want to remember. 

This weekend Landree was up early and asked if she could do a craft in her room while we slept in a little bit (till 7:30 or so, you know?) When we got up she had made lots of little crowns with jewels for all her friends and taped them to their heads.  She loves sticky tape (as she calls it).


Hudson goes without clothes about half the day.  He likes to sleep with no shirt and when I change his diaper before nap time his shorts don’t always go back on.  It’s just comfy that way.  And he likes shoes a lot.  Here he is wearing mine.  And every thing is a sword these days, math manipulatives, spoons, and sticks, sometimes he even shoots me with his swords :) pow, pow he says, I don’t know where he gets this.  He has NEVER seen a show or anything thing I can think of that he would hear that.  It’s amazing how different boys and girls are from the beginning.  And that little 2 1/2 year old is so slim and tall!  He weighs 29 pounds and off the top of my head he weighed 18 pounds at 9 months.  And most nights he doesn’t eat dinner.  He has gotten so picky and I refuse to make separate dinners so if he wants to eat something else I’ll let them/him have fruit.  Maybe that’s giving in too, but I feel better about them having something healthy than a sandwich or junky chicken nuggets.  Any tips on getting him to eat?  I don’t remember Landree being that picky.  She is now, but I used to be able to get her to eat. 


On Sunday Landree was pretending it was her birthday, at least a weekly occurrence around here.  I had made muffins for breakfast and she asked for a candle so we lit one and sang to her.  Then we did it again for Hud.  It just so happens it was her half birthday only the day before.  I can’t believe she is already 5 1/2!  The way she talks you’d think she was 30.  She cracks me up!


And today I was talking to Landree about school.  Megan and  I have been talking about a University Model school in Texas and she encouraged me to look for one here.  I am not really sure why it’s called University model (I need to do a little more research), but it’s basically a homeschool/school in one.  I looked for one around here and couldn’t find one, but I did find one about 45 min away and called them.  The lady let me know they didn’t have enough kids last year and they all travel to Columbia two days a week.  Sounds perfect to me!  It’s a two day a week program from 8:30-3 pm.  They teach all subjects aside from spelling and math, and they give assignments to work on at home.  It’s very affordable.  We are just weighing out all our options.  We do live in the number 1 school district in our state, but I just don’t feel a peace about public school.  At least not yet.  We have applied to the cultural immersion program in our district, but it’s a lottery and we haven’t heard anything about it yet.  Anyway, I was talking to Landree about school today and she decided to play school.  She made little name tags for everyone and had seats all lined up. 


I have edited our spring/Easter pictures and I’ll post them soon!  They turned out so cute!


Jamie said...

I love all of the pictures! My boys are usually in their pjs for half of the day and I'm fine with that. They're comfotable that way and if they want to be more comfortable, they are in just shorts, or just shirts. I think babies in only a diaper are sooo cute!

When you mentioned the University Model School I thought you were going to talk about modeling! Hehe! Sounds fun, though.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I loved this post. My friend's little girl goes to one of those schools. She goes to school Mon, Wed. Fri. and is basically introduced to materials and then she does the actual work at home. Something like that. I looked into the cost of it and Wowzers!!! I was shocked at how much it was.

As for eating...oh dear...Lottie was the pickiest eater and I used to have to beg her to eat. When she was 3 her hair began to fall out...everywhere from lack of nutrition. So she began taking iron and the pediatrician told me to let her eat whatever she wanted. (sigh) She is 7 now and still has an almost carb diet except a couple of fruits and only corn for a veggie (which I don't consider a but she is beginning to "try" new foods. So there IS hope!!!!!