Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dance Recital 2012

Landree had her Dance Recital today.  And to say it was a great day would be a lie.  Jeff is sick with something (cold/flu?) and leaves for Haiti on Tuesday.  I left her gloves at home (she didn’t even notice).  I wanted to stop and get flowers (meant to get them last night).  And the video camera wasn’t charged like it should have been, whew!  BUT, Landree did a fabulous job.  She didn’t seem to mind that Jeff couldn’t come, (even though she knew it was pretty special since Mia came to town just to be here for it.)  She asked if I videoed so he could watch, I did on my phone, thank goodness for technology (even though it’s not the best quality).  We were able to get flowers at the recital.  And she was the cutest little cat (with no gloves) on stage.  She did a great job, and SHE GOT A TROPHY!  And that was really all that mattered.  She has taken dance the last three years so she got a recognition trophy, and really that was all that mattered {to her}. 

The recital was the perfect amount of time.  Hudson did great!  He clapped and would say, ready, set, go before every performance.  He said, “my sister” about 100 times during her dance number and would dance and clap so proudly after each performance. 

We are so proud of our little kitty, Landree Grace! 

We followed the recital with ballerina food at Panera where Landree ate an entire bowl of her favorite soup in the whole wide world, Broccoli Cheese and a flower cookie of course.  Even though it wasn’t exactly what we had planned it turned out to be a pretty great day followed by rest time, a fancy Chick-fil-a dinner, and watching Toy Story 2.  We are all staying home from church tomorrow (which NEVER happens) to rest and hopefully Jeff will be good as new soon!

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