Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Hudson turned the big 3 on Sunday and we had a little party to celebrate him on Saturday morning with a few friends.  It was the EASIEST party I’ve ever thrown.  I bought straight up store plates, napkins, water bottles, balloons, juice boxes, a few table decorations, brought a buzz light year from home, add Krispy Kreme hats and donuts and called it a party!  I highly recommend this-the easiest, stress free party EVER!  I stress over the little details being perfect and the perfect cupcakes and party favors and on and on about everything and spend tons of money, and I guarantee I’m the only one that notices!  This year we are taking a trip for the kids birthdays so we were going low key and it was so fun!  After donuts with friends we went to Target for Hudson to pick out his birthday prize (he picked a Imaginex Toy Story toy of course :) and the VanHamme’s came over and played.  I think Hudson felt pretty special and that’s what mattered most to us!  We love you Hudson Roberts Gray!  Happy 3rd Birthday!


The birthday boy arrives :)


And the guests…

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And then they ate donuts :)


And we sang Happy Birthday!


And opened presents…


We love you Hudson!  Happy 3rd Birthday!  I couldn’t have ever imagined life with a little boy, but I can truly say that I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  God has blessed us so by choosing us to be your family, and we couldn’t love you more!  We look forward to many more birthdays together!  Happy Birthday!


Clare said...

haven't visited in so long!! he is so big:) happy birthday sweet boy!!

walterbracun said...

Very nice photos! -
Happy Birthday also this year!