Saturday, January 26, 2008

First attempt...

So here's the first attempt I've made at digital's far from what I've dreamed, but at least I can put a few things on the same page now. It's taken me a month to be able to open the editing part of Photoshop. I'm so thankful for the great tutorial I found on the website. They used Photoshop Elements 5 and I have PE6, but I figured it out for the most part. I still have a few glitches on this page. Like my 'extras' have the background showing...I can't figure that out. In the tutorial they disappear when the lady inserted them into the document she was working on. I am so excited to be taking a digital scrapbooking class when I'm in Texas in March. I'll just keep trying to figure it out on my own until then.

On a side note: I'm learning all kinds of things...scrapbooking sites ask that you give credit to the designers of the products you use. If you don't it's kind of like stealing music off the internet. So...I made this (my first digital scrapbook page) using the Vintage Floral kit from the Shabby Princess.

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Frazzled said...

I'm so excited for your learing how to digital scrapbook in March too. Then you can teach me all about it after I get to take care of my favorite niece all day long!