Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(Another) Sunglasses Scrapbook Page

Here's my new page for today! While we were watching The Backyardingans Landree wanted to wear her sunglasses. She knows she's silly; she just laughed when she was putting them on. I asked her if I could take her picture-she was a very good model!


Frazzled said...

Too cute! I'm glad she is enjoying her sunglasses. Did she like her Backyardigans V-Day card I sent? I picked it out just for her! Only 10 more days until I get to SPOIL her rotten for a day! I can't wait!!! I'm charging my camera battery now so it will be ready!

Steve, Jodi, Julia & Jack said...

You will NEVER regret journaling so closely to the event...with mine 6 and 3 - I only did that with #1's FIRST book - otherwise - they have to get "after thought" Mommy - and although I have rationalized it by saying - Hey at least they get a scrapbook made with love...there is NOTHING like remembering the LITTLE details... :) I just LOVE your style...

Yes, Minister... said...

Love the sunglasses :D The are always a winner with Li Li!

Thank you for all you sweet comments on my blog and I really look forward to getting to "know" you :D

Ladybug hugs,
AKA - the Pixel Fairy Princess