Friday, February 22, 2008

WRC Children and Youth Building

Our new children and youth building offically opened on Feb. 3rd. It is amazing! There were so many volunteers that did such and amazing job to make this building the perfect place where our children and youth can come to learn about Jesus. The pictures below are from my favorite rooms. The 2 and 3 year old room has a lifesize safari bus! The kids actually get inside the bus for story time. There is even a rear view mirror inside. My all time favorite room is the 'tree house room'. It's for the 1-3rd grade students. I love the monkey's on the wall. And check out that slide! The pictures don't serve these rooms justice. 'The Fun Dog Sun Dog' room is for our crawlers, and the cherry blossom tree and animals looking into the sunset are in the baby room.

The under water room is for the 4's and 5's they have their story time in the boat under the waves. All the classrooms have a one way glass window so parents can check in on their kids. The marketplace bamboo room is for the 4-5th graders. The flower room is Landree's room (walkers). It's so cute! They have turtles and bugs that pop off the wall so that the kids can touch them.

The blue room with the cool couch and messy bookselves is Jeff's new office! Check out that silver stripe around the room. There is tons of storage. Several ladies have been working hard on getting everything labeled and organized. The girls restroom is pink. It's so fun to potty in a pink bathroom. The lobby is amazing with a tiki check in desk and fountain with the kids handprints on tiles. We are so blessed to have this new building! I'll post pictures of the youth room later. They had 100 students in their service last Sunday.


Tricia said...

I am so glad you posted these. They are awesome! It is such a great place.

Frazzled said...

It looks fabulous! Looks like someone did a lot of hard work on those paint jobs!! Hey, will you email me your itnerary for this weekend. I'm trying to tie up some loose ends and get everything squared away. It will be a crazy weekend. Crazy but fun!