Friday, February 1, 2008

Fun at My Gym

We joined My Gym a few weeks ago. It's a kids gym. Denise invited Landree and I to try a free class with she and Jack. I really didn't think we'd be interested in joining, but after one class I was hooked. Landree loves it! It's like being in a kids video every class. They stretch at the beginning of every class and sing a welcome song. They have a big adventure every week like going through a maze or climbing on a tower of blocks. They have skills they practice like front head rolls and flipping. And there are always different gymnastics things they do like hanging from rings or turning on the high bar or jumping off this thing like a fat balance beam, or walking on a balance beam. Plus they play in between. They have slides and mats and a ball pit and things to climb on and they rearrange all the time so that it's never the same. They always have a time to swing during class. After that first class Traci and Jennifer came and visited too. We all ended up joining. It's really fun and they teach the kids thing through songs like their body parts, etc. It's so worth it and a really fun way for Landree to get her energy out since we never know what the weather will be like here. It's usually either too hot or cold to play outside. Here are a few pictures from class on Friday:

Landree and Jackson having fun in the ball pit.

Climbing up to jump off the highbar onto the big fat mat. Ms. Jean asked if she knew how to jump off of something. I told her we don't encourage that at home. She doesn't really get jumping yet (thank goodness). She loves to be on the trampoline too-she jumps, but her feet never leave the ground.

Hanging from the trapize swing...Landree really loved this even though you can't tell in this picture. She wanted to keep spinning around. Logan spinning around...

Cooper's turn...

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