Thursday, February 14, 2008

A valentine treat from Grandma...

We had such a nice surprise on Monday. When I got home from work there was a big box from The Popcorn Factory on our door step (yum!) When I opened it up here's what we found:

The cutest monkey tin filled to the top with carmel, cheese and butter popcorn! Today is Valentine's day and we still have a little bit left. This stuff is so good! The popcorn factory is where Angie ordered the popcorn balls that we used to make our Christmas snowmen. What a great treat. Grandma also bought Landree a cupcake shaped cup and matching plate last time we were home. She loves them, and we loved the popcorn. Thanks Grandma and Papa! I can't wait to store some of Landree's things in the cute monkey tin too.

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Frazzled said...

Too cute! Ours is black with hot pink and orange Xs and Os. Perfect for Petunia's room or bathroom! We didn't get ours until yesterday (or at least that is when I found it!) so we still have plenty. Poor Petunia can't have popcorn with her braces so she is pretty bummed. She loves the carmel the best!