Wednesday, March 19, 2008

18 Months old (almost...)

Landree will be 18 months in a few days...I didn't write do my monthly update during month 17 so here's the scoop the beginning of month 18:

We went to the Dr today for Landree's 18 month well visit. She's a whopping 21.9 pounds and 32 inches tall. That's the 10% for her weight and between the 50-75% for her height. We had to get a shot today, but I'm happy to report that she should not have to have any other shots until she's 4! That's probably most exciting for me! I hate it when she has to get a shot. Jeff normally comes to all of our appointments also, but is out of town so poor mommy had to hold the baby down and then be the one to comfort her also. It's so sad.

Landree does new things everyday! Our new obsession is with 'shooting'. Cooper loves basketball and has a goal at this house. He is obsessed with balls and shooting the basketball. Landree has caught on...we'll be sitting at the dinner table and she'll start saying shoot, shoot, shoot. She is so cute when she shoots. She will hold the ball over her head, walk up the the goal and then release the ball...behind her head. I cheer...repeat the process.

She loves fruit. I am so glad! I wasn't able to give her much fruit before because she would get a bad diaper rash if she had too much. Luckily, we're not having that problem anymore. She loves to eat blueberries, strawberries, and grapes.

She says socks, shoes, milk with the funniest little accent...I wonder where she gets that from? Humm....

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