Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Basket

Today after Landree woke up from her nap we let her open up her Easter Basket. (Jeff leaves for church on Sunday's before she wakes up.) Landree got lots of Easter goodies. We got her a few new ducks for the bath-which she loves! A Backyardigians egg with a Pablo and Uniqua figurine inside, and a egg shaped magna doodle. Our sweet neighbor Mrs. Ferrell got Landree a chocolate bunny and her nursery teacher gave her a goodie bag with candy. Thanks Mrs. Teresa-Jeff and I will enjoy that.

Landree playing with her Easter goodies while watching the Backyardigians.

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Jenny said...

I love her dress. So cute! Do you make all of her hairbows? I wish my girls liked bows. They think they are too old for hairbows. Emma will still wear them for me, but Hannah doesn't care for them any more. Landress is a cutie pie!