Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Traditions

I have so many wonderful memories of growing up...My entire family would gather for holidays. My dad's parents (Memom and Granddaddy) and my Mom's momma (Nanny) would always get together for holidays. My Dad has a big family-5 bothers and sisters total plus their kids, a friend or two in there, and the house would be slam packed full!

My Memom wasn't the best cook, she always 'stretched' recipes, even though she didn't really have to anymore (I guess raising 5 kids stretching was a way of life), but the food isn't what I remember from our Easter, Christmas, and birthday lunches. I remember the people and the love I felt. Even though we don't live close to home it's very important to me that we have traditions with our 'family' here for Landree. We have been so blessed to have wonderful friends, who I consider to be our family, in South Carolina.

Today after church and Landree's nap we went to the Brewer's for Easter dinner. Jennifer made a ham and broccoli, and Jeff and I made hash brown casserole, squash casserole, and banana pudding. YUM! We ate dinner, had ANOTHER egg hunt, and played outside before coming home. Here are a few of the pictures from this afternoon.

Jeff was showing Landree how fun it would be to roll down the hill in the Brewer's yard. Here he's showing her how to do it:

Jeff that looks fun!

Here's Landree figuring out there is a reason for hunting eggs-the treat inside! I hadn't really show her because I didn't want her to think she would get to eat lots of candy...Jennifer thought of putting grapes and goldfish smart!

What a great day!


The Byrd Family said...

I thought I had saved your blog but I guess I didn't?? Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter day. She is so darn cute!

Tricia said...

This is so cute. I have some fond memories of Easter with my family too. Isn't it cool that we can have some of the same traditions with our family and also make new ones. :) Love the pictures. So fun.