Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making Cookies Scrapbook Page

Here's the scrapbook page from us making cookies on Friday. I used the Bunny Trail kit by Krista. It is a cute Easter freebie. And the Mitzi M template 16.

Here's the page from Easter Sunday. I used a Simply Yin template a paper from the Painted Season Kit from Pepermint Creative.

I used the Painted Season Kit for this page also. The Eggs and cardboard circle are from the Cutesy Doodle Doo Elements Pack.


Tricia said...

These are so cute. We will definitely join you next year.

Jenny said...

How cute! I love your page and your new header. Where did you find that chick graphic? That is adorable. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We had such a great day at church and with family. Landree is such a sweetheart in all of these new pictures. Have a great week!

The Byrd Family said...

Those are just precious! I am so impressed with everyone that can do this! Not me.......... She is so adorable.

Baby Jackson said...

I figured out how to leave comments!! Adorable pictures. Tag...you're it!!