Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Week in Review...

Wow, long time no blog. I haven't posted in forever. Here are a few highlights from our week:

On Friday Landree and I went to the zoo with our friends Tricia and Caleb. They had a great time walking around and seeing all the animals. It was a beautiful day! Spring is definitely in full bloom! There was pollen floating on top of the bears pool that like pollution! YUCK!

Modeling their shades!

On Saturday Landree and I went to My Gym. They've reopened! Unfortunately, we aren't going to be going back until the fall. The class times have changed a little bit and don't fit into our schedule...for now at least. I will be excited to get Landree re-enrolled this fall. We plan to keep busy this summer with swimming lessons, pool play dates, trips to the zoo, and park. We'll have plenty to do.
We also got a new basketball goal on Saturday. Landree loves basketball! (Thanks to our ball obsessed friends Cooper and Jackson.) We played outside a little today (in the pollen).
Sad news...Landree started taking Zyrtec today. She has eczema and it's really flared up with...the pollen. (I should change the name of the post to POLLEN!) I didn't really want her to have to take medicine, but her spots were just getting worse and she was scratching uncontrollably. The doctor gave us a 'foam' steroid to help with the itching and an antihistamine to help with her allergies. So sad...she was doomed from the start. Jeff has the worst allergies of anyone I've every met and I have them too. Hopefully, we'll be able to take her off the medicine soon.
This morning Logan came over while his mom went to the doctor. Traci brought him a pancake for breakfast. Logan was so sweet to share...since Landree was helping her self anyway. I love this picture. They also ate blueberry muffins, yogurt, blueberries, and grapes!

Not everyone likes the Backyardigans I guess..."Mom, what's the matter with Logan? The Backyardigans are on." Logan was actually just sleepy and wanted me to hold him. The kids did great. Cooper comes over on Tuesday's so he joined us shortly after Logan arrived. They had a great time playing with each other.

And probably my favorite picture from the week is below. I think Landree will like playing dress up when she gets older. She already loves shoes and trying them on...these are her house shoes...and of course her sunglasses! She needed them to play!


Tricia said...

I absolutely love the zoo pictures. Thanks again for inviting us. It was so fun.

Also, love the other pictures. It is so cute that Landree loves to pose in her sunglasses.

Jenny said...

Landree in her house shoes and shades is priceless! I love that she has house shoes! Too cute! I love her black and pink bow that matches her shirt at the zoo. Did you make that one? I found some really great bows at the consignment shop today. Someone local makes them and sells them there. They had the ribbon wrapped headbands with great big bows on them. Emma loves headbands so I got her two. I'll take a picture in one tomorrow and post it. I love BIG bows in their hair but their hair is so thin that they ususally don't stay on, so I love it when the bow is attached to a hairbow! I had missed reading your posts, so I loved all the pictures you put in this one!

Traci said...

Thanks so much for helping me out with Logan. It looks like he had a great time (for the most part). Landree is so sweet to be concerned for little Logan!