Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Basket of Fun!

I love that Landree and Cooper play so well together. They use their imagination and don't need to be 'entertained'. Here's what I mean:

Today we were playing in the living room and Cooper and Landree emptied the toy basket out and decided to play inside. They can find fun anywhere!

I love this page. I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately. I saw a page on the Pixel Fairy's site and loved how she used a picture as a background. I decided to try it and I love it-it only took a few minutes! The curled paper was a freebie I downloaded here. Thanks Jess! The rest of the page was really easy-I just made my picture the size of my page and put my paper underneath the picture. I used the opacity key to fade my picture into the background. The paper I used is a freebie from Fresh Brewed. And the font is a freebie too called 2 peas scrapbook. I got it here.

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Frazzled said...

Very cute ... would make a good cover for a book!
My camera has gone ca-put! I'm not sure what is wrong with it - it keeps freezing on me. You know I CAN NOT live without my camera!!! I'm having to borrow someone else's for my mission trip. How sad is that. H wanted to know if we are going to have a funeral for my camera. I think we may have to!

Give kisses to my favorite niece!! Tell her I'll bring her home a surprise from Pennsylvania ...