Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Deal on Shoes!

Landree has become increasingly obsessed with shoes! I wonder why? Actually it's really hard for me to find shoes because my foot is so narrow, but I have fun shopping for her (arrow foot too). I ordered her 3 pair of shoes from this awesome site: The give free shipping and no tax and they guarantee the lowest price or they will give you an extra 10% off. I sound like a commercial, but it's awesome! I ordered a pair for me last night and saved $10. When you register they give you 10% off and you can enter the coupon code: ANNIVERSARY08 (I found on the Bargain Shopper Lady's site) for an extra 20% off! I ordered a 35 dollar pair of Crocs and they were about 25 or 26 dollars! I love getting a good deal! They have every brand you can imagine! Happy Shopping!


Kimber said...

Thanks for the tip---Kate has WIDE feet and I have trouble finding shoes for her:)


Jenny said...

I love I get a lot of the girls' crocs and stride rite shoes from there. Sometimes you can find a deal where if you pay with your PayPal account you get $20.00 off plus your 10% membership discount. I've gotten the girls crocs for $10-$15.00 a pair when they have that promotion. I don't have anyone else signed up to buy shoes, so the next time I go, I'll use your friend link to help you out if they will let me. Since I've bought before, they might not let me but I'll try!

Yes, Minister... said...

LOL - Princess-in-Training is the Queen of shoes and she ahas a super narrow foot! I will have to check out that site - THANKS :D
Ladybug hugs,