Tuesday, April 15, 2008

USC Horseshoe Slideshow

This is the first slideshow I've made using PSE6. It was so easy thanks to the great tutorial that the Pixel Fairy Princess did to explain it on her production site!

Like I said most of the pictures are of the babies backs, but there are too many cute pics not to share...A little explanation...they loved the steps everywhere, and the house where so many of the doorway pictures are just so happens to be that of the president...oops...they didn't seem to mind. No one every came out to tell us to quit knocking on the door.

The song on this video is Sunny Days by Jars of Clay.

1 comment:

Yes, Minister... said...

So cute! Glad that you got it up and running :D She is simply adorable!

Ladybug hugs,

BTW -Jar's is one of my favorite groups - I've seen them three times :D