Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've been tagged...

Traci and Denise tagged me to list 10 little know facts about me. I talk a say the least and I'm pretty open so most everyone knows all of these things, but here we go...

1. I graduated college in three years.

2. I have had jobs in several different 'fields' all for a long time considering my age. I worked retail at Bath and Body Works (during college and was a manager after college graduation) for 41/2 years (total). I worked at Bank United now Washington Mutual for 4 years as a personal banker and teller. And a few other jobs in here...I was a substitute teacher in college. I worked at a bank when we first moved to SC and I worked in undergrad admissions at CIU for 1 1/2. I have worked at our church now for a little over 4 old do you think I am? I actually worked at BBW and the bank at the same time when I was in college. I'm much younger than you think.

3. I'm a Target junkie (hence several of the purchases listed in the last post)...I could go everyday. I try to restrain myself and only go every few days.

4. I'm originally from TEXAS-I know this is a huge surprise to most of you!

5. My first job was working at a candle shop. It was so fun! I made gift baskets, candles, and deliveries. I loved it!

6. I'm an only child.

7. I have two best friends (Megan & Shauna) that I've known since birth and 4th grade! We still talk several times a week. How many people can say that? I love those girls! When we get together we still all sleep in the same sounds weird when I type it, but girls, you understand. We are all grown, married, and I have a baby, but it's still fun to have a slumber party!

8. I was in the Miss Texas USA pageant twice. I won Miss Congeniality.

9. I almost always know someone on reality TV...most of them I know from the pageant. I've known someone on Survivor, Amazing Race (2 girls on separate teams-they actually knew each other and they were on the same season, but they didn't tell you that on the show. One team they said was from Texas and one from LA, but she was from Texas), The Bachelor, and America's Next Top Model (she was actually in our youth group here in SC).

10. I walked 60 miles (over 3 days) last October for breast cancer. I am walking again this year with my friends Megan, Shauna and my sister in law Maggie. I think I have permanent nerve damage in my feel (don't read this girls) but it's totally worth it! It was an experience of a lifetime.

Ok, I'm tagging Jennifer E. I think everyone else has been tagged :)

And a bonus: I have ton of friends named Jennifer. My sister in law and I have the same name! And my friend Jennifer E. and I had the same name before we both got married.


Kimber said...

Wow---Miss TEXAS pagent? You are very congenial though and you have the sweetest voice.

I love Target too.


Jenny said...

Hey Jennifer,
I got my camera last night. I already love it and I haven't even really learned to use anything but the automatic feature! I got the Canon Rebel XTi and I added the 75-300mm zoom lens. It came with a small lens but the lady at Best Buy said it wouldn't zoom very much. I looked for your Nikon, but it had been replaced by a newer model and it cost a little bit more than the canon I got, because my canon was on sale. Both your camera and mine have practically the exact same features. The canon I got has a little bit larger zoom lens for less money than the nikon zoom lens. So, that also swayed my decision. I wish the nikon had been on sale because she did say it was a little more user friendly with a little easier menu for beginners! (Like me) I only practiced on Joe in his pjs last night because the girls were already asleep, but I'm going to try to get a few shots of them before bed tonight to post so everyone can see the difference. I'm soooooo excited. Do you take pictures manually? I've been doing a tuturial online to get some tips on how to learn how to use the manual features. Hopefully, I'll learn how soon so I can take advantage of all the options.
Also, I saw an awesome book in the bookstore today that was on Photoshop. It was $50.00 so I didn't buy it, but I tried to memorize a trick while I was there. It taught you how to make a photo black and white and then color in just one part. It showed a bride and she was in black and white but her bouquet of yellow roses was bright yellow. It was beautiful. I'll try to practice what I learned and if it works, I'll e-mail you the trick.

I'm off to make an exciting meatloaf for dinner tonight! We've eaten out so much lately that I told the girls it was all veggies tonight...with meatloaf! I know they will be thrilled...I'll post some pics from the new camera tonight.

Baby Jackson said...

I didnt know you were from Texas...