Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun with Friends...

About a week ago, we all went to the Brewer's house and they pulled out the big redneck pool! It's this huge awesome water slide/pool. It's almost embarrassing that the dad's actually played in it more than the babies. I'll spare them the humiliation of posting those pictures-but, here are a few that are too cute not to post:

Check out the giant mosquito bite on Landree's face. Bugs eat this girl up-I guess it's because she's so sweet!

Loving on Mrs. Jennifer's baby!

Riding the scooter (standing still)

Caleb having fun riding on the car

Jack and his daddy



Tricia said...

Do you have any other good photos of Caleb that day? We sure had such fun. It was funny how the big boys loved the blow up pool more and the kids just wanted to play on ride on toys. :)

The Barner Bunch said...

You take the BEST photos! I love Landree's swim suit! She is precious.