Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've had several comments and emails about the collages that I made for Landree's birthday post. Thanks! I used a blog frame kit by Lanne. You can get them at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs. I love everything in her store! I will say that they are just frames you pop your pictures in Photoshop so they would be really easy to make (I think). They weren't exactly what I was expecting because I did have to spend time cropping my pictures and then placing them in the frames so it took longer than I thought it would so I won't use them for all of my pictures, just if I want to put together several. And they load smaller than I like. I need to play around with them a little more. I'm sure it's me not the kit :) Lanne also has several neat photo editing kits I want to try sometime.

My blogger friend Kim always has the best collages and she uses this free service. The only thing is that you have to load your pictures to flickr and I don't use flickr just have to decide what you want to spend time doing-resizing pictures or loading to flickr. I'll let you know if the frame kit has any other tricks or steps I'm missing.

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