Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Landree!

On this day two years ago our lives changed forever. I was one day away from a scheduled induction. My mom was flying into town at 11 am to be here the day before my delivery. Well, Landree had other plans! We should have known after 3 sonograms before we could see that she was a girl that she would come when she wanted to.

I went into labor around 4 in the morning. I wasn't really sure I was in labor-I kept thinking I had to go to the bathroom. I realized that the feeling I was having were contractions after they were 10 min, then 10, then 8, and 8, then 7, 6, 5, 5 minutes apart. I got up and woke up Jeff and got into the shower then we headed to the hospital. I called my parents and my mom was already on her way to the airport. When we got to the hospital they said I might have come a little early (my contractions were about every 2-3 minutes at this point), but when the nurse checked me she said I was right I was going to have a baby today, and I did. The Brewer's went to get my mom and we had tons of visitors in and out (while I slept because of something they gave me) and we had Landree by 4:30 with only about an hour and a half of pushing It wouldn't even have taken that long if Landree hadn't been positioned the way she was. They ended up using the vacuum and out she came-with a big purple bruise on her head to prove it. I had such an easy time (with drugs of course). And she's been easy (most of the time) ever since. She's such a good girl! She's sassy (in a good way) and fun. She's content and happy. She's really just wonderful!

This morning Jeff and I went into Landree's room singing, with camera in hand. She was so excited to hear the happy day song! She even slept in until almost 9-thanks for the present to Mommy and Daddy!
After we got her up she opened her kitchen. Which by the way ended up taking 5 HOURS to put together. Jeff said all the boy dads have know idea! Landree LOVED it! When she opened it (uncovered it) she said, "Nice!" She played with it for almost 2 hours straight this morning. She made dozens of cupcakes and coffee. I guess it's because I drink coffee every morning. When I would ask her what she was making it was always one of the two. Oh, and we had a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls! Yum!

We just played around the house and Landree stayed in her p.j.'s until after dinner when we got her dressed to go eat ice cream. We had such a fun day! Happy 2nd Birthday Landree! I love you so much!


Shawn and Kimberly AKA Daddy and Mommy said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Landree! Jennifer, you are so blessed to have such a pretty little girl.

Jennifer said...

What great pictures. I love the collages. What did you use to make those. They are adorable. Of course the subject in the pictures is the cutest thing! What a fun day!

Frazzled said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! Aunt Gigi got sidetracked yesterday and it was too late to call last night when we got home from church. We will try to call today. We love you!

Tricia said...

I love the pictures. Okay, I need a lesson on how you did that with her pictures. They are really cool that way.

Happy Birthday Landree. We love you!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

She's such a pretty little girl!

I love the first minutes in the morning after they get's so pure and simple! I live for moments like that.

Glad you guys had a good day!

3 Peanuts said...

These are adorable. Happy Birthday sweet Landree:)