Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Day 2 Report...

Today was our second day of preschool. Landree was a little sickly yesterday and today with a runny nose. I called her preschool teacher last night and let her know that she might not be there today. She encouraged us to bring her if she was feeling well since it was just a runny nose. She slept really well last night and was so happy this morning that we did take her (now she's coughing...I hope she doesn't get anyone else sick).

Here's the report on the 2nd day of preschool:
At snack I: Ate everything, Today I was: Cheerful/Happy, She had a very good today today. Happy just playing. Compassionate toward others. Seemed to feel fine :) (smiley face drawn). I can't say how much I love Landree's preschool. Her teachers are wonderful and so encouraging. I know she's a good girl, but it's great to hear others say it too

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Jennifer,
It was great seeing you at Traci's baby shower - sorry I didn't get to chat long. Quick favor (I don't have your email here at home), can you mail me the quilt square? I want to get the quilt finished in the next few weeks! Take care!!