Monday, September 1, 2008

Something to think about...

My friend Julie and her husband just got back from Addis Ababa. Julie was my student worker when I worked in the admissions office at the seminary. Now she's married and has the cutest chubby baby you've ever seen. She is so wise (and just plain smart). I've been following her blog since they've moved and have enjoyed following their recent trip. As I am planning and stressing on if we should get Landree a bike, along with her new kitchen, and new clothes, and monogrammed necklace (you get the idea)...I am so convicted by her recent post.

Lord, help me to be appreciative of what you've given me, and give with a cheerful heart. Continue to convict me in this area. We always have more than we need. Thank you.

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twins + 2 more = 4 girls said...

Lily got a little tricycle for her first birthday from her Nana and she can't reach the pedals. She really wants to ride when her sisters ride theirs. So, if you give in make sure she can use it now and for a year or two.