Tuesday, October 21, 2008

30 Days to Live

Did I catch your attention? We're starting a new series at our church called 30 Days to Live this weekend. It's going to be really good and really challenging as we begin to think about what we would do if we really only had 30 days to live-what's important? Are we doing the things we should? Living life to the fullest? Does your family know you love them? You never know what could happen. We aren't guaranteed any time. Check out this video.

Check out Staci's story here.

This is a subject that makes people uncomfortable. Leslie (a friend from church) and I did a 'man on the street' interview and were asked to leave one grocery store parking lot because someone complained they didn't like the question we were asking. What do you think? How about you-what would you do if someone told you you had 30 days to live?

If you're in our area we'd love to have you at WRC this weekend.


Torrie Deville said...

Hi Jen! My name is Torrie and I am a friend of Stacey Harris'. I was wondering if I made a donation to your walk if you would add a heading to my blog. My e-mail address is tpspeer0808@hotmail.com. My blog address is http://www.devillesdetails.blogspot. Let me know if you would be able to do one for me and I will give you the rest of my information. Thanks!


The Byrd's Nest said...

I just typed a comment a couple of blogs back about this type of questioning. People need to be upset about their future and their families future. Eternity in Heaven....or....Eternity in Hell.

What a great video and testimony!