Friday, December 5, 2008

Black Friday and a few shopping tips!

Momma and I ventured out on Black Friday for a little shopping and fun! We weren't too die hard because we didn't leave the house until 7:22! I really wanted to go to Toys R US (along with the rest of the world) it was a zoo and the gift I was purchasing was $10 cheaper online-seriously? So here's the tip. Check online first (at least at Toys R Us). If it's cheaper online and the shipping is less than $15 you're set. Here's why...if you sign up for the R Us Rewards card they send you a code for $15 in free shipping. So I got the gift for $10 less by getting it online, and I am saving room in my suitcase because I had it shipped to my parents house since that's where we'll be at Christmas.

Also, my friend told me about It's a really cool site that you type in the store site web address and it will tell you if there are any current sales or free shipping. That's where I learned about the deal at Old Navy.

Old Navy had a great on jeans on Friday. Jeff is 6'4 and they never have his size in the store so we go online on Friday to see if the jeans were on sale online. They were and they have talls! We never knew that. They have $7 flat shipping which is great, but someone on retailme.not suggested you sign up for ON's email list and you get $10 off a $50 purchase, so we got all the sizes we needed, didn't have to wait in line, got free shipping and a few extra dollars off! YEA! I've never thought I would do most of my Christmas shopping online, but I'm converting very quickly! Plus I think I actually save money not being in the store.


himee said...

You are full of tips today!! I like the post!

Jodee Leader said...

Those are all great tips! I love to shop online too! Bring on the free shipping!

Jonni said...

Thanks for the awesome tips. I am going to bokmark that site right now. Us SAHMs can never save too much money right? :)