Saturday, December 6, 2008

Freebies and Giveaways!

Fellow Scrappers: Weeds and Wildflowers are giving away a new freebie everyday for Christmas. Today they are giving away a cute gift card holder you can print at home. Check it out...

Heather Melzer is doing a giveaway everyday too. I love her blog! She is such a fun mom, scrap designer, and now she has her own Etsy jewelry shop too! I'm hesitant to tell you guys about the giveaway because last time I shared top secret giveaway info I had 3 friends win and I got zilch! :) That's ok, I am glad it was ya'll if it couldn't have been me! :) Good luck!

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Jonni said...


Thanks for the great links and I hope you win. I really love your new blog makeover and of course Landree is just the cutest little cutie-pie.