Saturday, December 27, 2008

A singing and dancing Christmas-via video!

We had a fabulous Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve with my parents; we had lunch with my friend Megan's family a tradition we've had for about 7 years. Christmas Eve evening we were supposed to go to my Granddaddy's house for dinner, but Landree had a rough night the evening before and was super crabby so my momma and daddy went ahead without us and we put Landree to bed at about 6:20 Texas time. Christmas morning we opened gifts with Mia and Poppee before we headed to Jeff's mom and dad's. All this to say...I have a million pictures to post and lots more details to share, however, one of my favorite gifts from my parents was a new flip video camera. I've been wanting one of these so I could add videos to my blog. I didn't know how to add them with our regular video camera-the flip has a USB port that you just plug right into your computer and download your videos and it's about the size of my cell phone so I plan to carry it with me a lot. So this may be over load, but here are three videos (I'm trying to start out slow here :) from the last few days.

Setup: We got several movies/music type things for Christmas. This first video is of Landree watching Annie at my parents house on Christmas morning. Annie was the first movie I watched in the theater and Momma said I danced in the isle the entire time. She obviously doesn't get the movie just yet, but she loved the music!

Aunt Maggie and Krissy got Landree a Disney Princess Sing Along DVD-she loves music so I thought she would really enjoy it. She wasn't the only one-all of the adults actually got into it too! Jeff knows quite a few Disney songs. Having 2 sisters really prepared him for being a dad.

Aunt Gigi got really into this too. It was so fun. Landree hasn't watched any of the princess movies yet, but she's know them soon enough. I think any little girl would love this DVD.

And tonight we watched Enchanted. I LOVE that movie! My parents got it for me for Christmas. Landree loved all the singing parts and really got into dancing tonight! She was working so hard she had to stop and have a snack in the middle of her dance.

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I can't wait to catch up with everyone via your blogs :)


Tricia said...

That is so funny. I am glad that you got the flip video. We love ours. It is fun to use and easy too. Glad that Landree got into the dancing.

So funny that Landree was just hanging out while everyone else was singing to the Princess DVD. Goes to show you there is a little kid in all of us. :)

Cheryl said...

So cute! We love the movie Enchanted as well!
Do you use a Mac Computer? I was wondering because, my computer is a Mac, and I wanted a Flip camera, and was hoping it was easy to download (need more computer coaching!)....Love the dancing video in "footy p.j.'s"!!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I truly LOVE these videos! She is so darling.

Frazzled said...

OMGolly!!! I can't believe the whole blog world has been subjected to my singing!!! I will apologize now ...

Dad and I did laugh until we cried though!