Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

I've had several opportunities to do one of my favorite things since I've been Monday, Megan and I had a marathon shopping day-17 hours! She made a run down of our stops on her blog.

Here it goes:
We started off in McKinney thinking we we would just hang out in the McKinney/Allen area...but we ended up leaving Rockwall about 10:30 PM! Here is a rundown of our day...Chick-fil-a for breakfast, Bath and Body Works, Office Depot, Ross, Michael's, Petsmart, Target (to do Megan's baby registry!), Belk, Kirklands, Old Navy, Home Goods/TJ Maxx, Babies R Us (to do Megan's baby registry!), eat at P.F. Chang's for lunch at 4 pm, Lone Star Baby in Dallas (what a fun store!), Mesquite to get Jeff Smith a gift card (they were "sold out" of gift cards....WHAT???), then to the Rockwall Target, Gotta Scrap my favorite scrapbook store, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, JC Penny, Belk, Chiloso for dinner (SO GOOD!), and finally to Wal-Mart. We still kind of wanted to get to Kohls and to Belk in Greenville, but we were officially WORN OUT!!

The day after Christmas Megan, Momma and I went shopping and I got so many great things for us to do for our advent calendar next year-and at great deals! My friend Jen always does such fun things with her girls. She did a count down to Christmas this year with several things she picked up after Christmas last year so my goal was to shop for our advent calendar next year. I got several cookie kits, a puppet, a letter to Santa kit, and lots of crafts. I'm so excited!

And Friday we are planning to go to Canton! I'm most excited about that! We plan entire trips home around Canton! For all you non East Texas gals it's a giant flea market (I hate calling it that because it's the farthest thing you can imagine from that) that people from all over come to shop. I've known ladies from Arkansas to drive a U-Haul down just to shop. They have everything from furniture to house items and baby boutique things as well as 'garage sale items' (we don't frequent that area). It's an experience you have to see to understand-I love it!

I'm sorting through all of our Christmas pictures feeling a little overwhelmed with all that we've done and what to share. Today is my sister in law Krissy's birthday. Happy Birthday Krissy! Here is a picture from her birthday dinner last night at Edelweiss in Ft Worth. I assure you dinner will get a post of it's own. Until tomorrow...I do have pictures loaded in photobucket I just need to get motivated on posting :) Goodnight!




Kam said...

That sounds like my kinda day!!!
How fun! I absolutely love getting bargains! Hope you got a bunch of 'em!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love shopping in McKinney. I heard there was a new mall in Allen too but I haven't been there. I also buy alot of the girls clothes at Belks! Hoping you have a wonderful New Year's with your family Jen! And yes, I need some more pictures of Landree!!!!

Gail said...

Well, you are a girl after my own heart with the shopping thing. How fun! We were in Chicago this weekend and found many really great sales.
Looks like you've had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family!

Micah said...

I haven't done any post Christmas shopping! kinda going crazy because I WANT TOO (but kid free so that is the holdup).
Thanks about the card and no I didn't design it myself. Someone on Etsy did and I had them printed at Walmart.
I need your help posting a slide show. I have tried on and One True Media and it gives me these error messages!!!!!!!!!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Now that is my kind of, shopping, and more shopping!! That flea market sounds awesome....we have one about an hour from here and it is so worth going.....we usually go at 5am so we can get first dibs on the great items!!

The birthday dinner looked fantastic....have fun!!