Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bathroom Redo

Since my nesting is in full force and I don't have a room to decorate for Hudson-I've turned my attention to the bathroom. I know they will probably share a bathroom at our next house and I wanted something more gender neutral than we have now {and a room to redo}. I love the retro kids, but decided that I didn't think they would mix as well with the vintage cars or sports that I want to use in H's room (if he ever has a room). My friend, Megan, suggested I use the retro kids to decorate the bathroom.

I am going to order this shower curtain (in blue) from Land of Nod.

And I made these tonight using the Retro Street: Playtime Accents Kit by Katheryn Balint I'm going to have them printed at Office Depot for a whopping .60 each.

hudson retro

landree retro

I already bought 2 new frames with mats at Michael's for 3.99 each. They were on clearance (a sliver wood color) and I am going to spray paint the frames either black or white. I am also going to have some new towels monogrammed and get a new rug. So for about $60 or so we'll have a newly decorated bathroom! What do you think?


Jodee Leader said...

Very cute......especially for $60.00. Happy Nesting!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They are adorable!! I hope you are going to take pictures of the bathroom when it is finished so we can see it:)

Have a great day:)


Jeff and Megan said...

Love the cards you made!!!!

You are so thrifty! I need to take lessons! I won't have a choice in about a month. ;-)

Can't wait to see you friend!!!!!!!! Hayden is ready to love on his Auntie Jen!

Lynn & Matt said...

Cute! Jen, you are so creative. BTW I love the name Hudson!

Brooke said...

It's going to be awesome! You're so creative!

Melody said...

Girl, you are making Martha Stewart look bad! This is way too cute and so affordable. Way to go!

jenbusymom said...

Very nice! Great price too!

Kelley's Kids said...

Hey there! It's me, Kelley (Tutusandchoochoos) and I was actually searching on your blog for an old post. You know that necklace your friends gave you recently with your kid's names on it...I LOVE it!!! I actually thought you had posted before talking about wanting one with a link to a place to buy them (before you got it) but it could have been another blog I saw it on. Trying to find out where to get one!!

Anyway, I stopped by this post because I wanted to ask how these pictures turned out? I'm a little late (sorry) I actually have the "Dick & Jane" shower curtain in Jack's bathroom, these pictures would go GREAT! I love his shower curtain and paid TONS for it because I had to have it, glad I did because I have really enjoyed it.

Anyway, congratulations again on sweet, beautiful little Hudson!!!! I am so excited for y'all :-)